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  • William Rhodes & Caroline Hibler | tidesoftadoussac1

    William Rhodes 1851-1921 & Caroline Hibler 1848-1929 William Rhodes is the third oldest of 9 children of Col William Rhodes and Anne Catherine Dunn. Their daughter is Carrie Rhodes, my grandmother. She married Frank Morewood, their children are Betty Evans (my mother, 1922-1993) and Bill Morewood (his family live in New Jersey). ​ ​ ​ William Carrie was born in 1881 so this is about 1887, Carrie and her father ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ This group photo (early 1890's) is on the Col. Rhodes/Anne Dunn page William isn't in it, but he was there that day, and had his picture taken below! He was probably the photographer. That's his daughter Carrie (right side) and just to her left, her future husband Frank Morewood (first cousins!).​ In the photo below William is missing his right arm-the story goes that he went to Australia on business, and wasn't heard from for a year, much to the concern of his family...he had lost his arm in an accident and didn't write home until he could write with his left! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Carrie and her mother Caroline on the porch at Benmore about 1893, with sister-in-law Minnie Rhodes Morewood, and Isobel (Billy)and probably Frank. ​ NEXT PAGE PREVIOUS Caroline and William Rhodes and their daughter Carrie - William liked to have his picture taken from his left side so his missing arm wasn't visible. The photos below were identified as William Rhodes and his wife, but I think I have it wrong. He lost his right arm in about 1890. I'm leaving the photos here until I get it resolved... ​ ​ ​ ​ NEXT PAGE circa 1901 - NOT William (probably brother Godfrey or...) pretending to push, his sister Minnie Rhodes Morewood, Dorothy Rhodes Evans (Dorsh), Amy Burstall (related to an in-law), Isobel (Billy) Morewood, and Carrie Rhodes - low tide on the beach in Tadoussac.

  • Lark Reef & La Toupie | tidesoftadoussac1

    NEXT PAGE Lark Reef, La Toupie Prince Shoal, Haut-Fond Prince PREVIOUS The lighthouse buildings on Lark Reef in 1891 Les bâtiments de phare sur Lark Reef en 1891 From Annual Report Marine and Fisheries 1878 Circa 1950 We visited the reef several times around 1960, it was fun to see the nests and baby seagulls, the same colour as the rocks. Alan Evans with the feather. Nous avons visité le récif plusieurs fois autour de 1960, il était amusant de voir les nids et les baby mouettes, la même couleur que les roches. Alan Evans avec la plume. TROUVER LE MOUETTE SUR LA PHOTO FIND THE SEAGULL IN THE PHOTO Doris Molson and Misty In 1860, H.M.S. Hero, on which the Prince of Wales traveled to Montreal, ran onto a shoal off Tadoussac. The shoal was named “Prince Shoal” (“Haut Fond Prince”). En 1860, H.M.S. Hero, sur lequel le Prince of Wales s'est rendu à Montréal, couru sur un haut-fond au large de Tadoussac. Le banc a été nommé "Prince Shoal" ("Haut Fond Prince"). The Prince Shoal Light was a Light Ship from 1905 until 1964 when the current lighthouse was built. Check out this link: It includes a description of the construction of the lighthouse, and the story of the storm in 1966 which damaged the structure and scared the men on board. Le Lumière Haut-Fond Prince était un bateau avec une lumière de 1905 à 1964 lorsque le phare a été construit. Consultez ce lien: Il comprend une description de la construction du phare, et l'histoire de la tempête en 1966 qui a endommagé la structure et a effrayé les hommes à bord. Prince Shoal Where is the White Island Reef? La Toupie 1964 La Toupie is on the same side of the channel as the green buoys and in line with them, guarding the reef. The photo below is interesting, the current is going UP the Saguenay, it's the rising tide. La Toupie est sur ​​le même côté de la voie que les bouées vertes et en ligne avec eux, gardant le récif. La photo ci-dessous est intéressant, le courant est à la hausse au Saguenay, c'est la marée montante. NEXT PAGE

  • Francis Rhodes & Totie LeMoine | tidesoftadoussac1

    Francis Rhodes 1853-1926 & Totie LeMoine 1859-1941 ​ NEXT PAGE PREVIOUS Francis circa 1855 This page under construction

  • Tides of Tadoussac - Rare Historic Images

    PREVIOUS Early Tadoussac Maps/Images Cartes/Images de Tadoussac NEXT PAGE The small portrait was drawn by Champlain of himself, the only known true image of him. The other portrait was painted 20 years after his death. This map of Tadoussac was drawn by Samuel de Champlain in 1600. He stopped in Tadoussac many times on his trips to Quebec. The map includes the Chauvin settlement of 1600. Le petit portrait a été dessiné par Champlain lui-même, l'image authentique seulement connu de lui. L'autre portrait a été peint 20 ans après sa mort. Cette carte de Tadoussac a été dessinée 15par Samuel de Champlain en 1600. Il a arrêté à Tadoussac à plusieurs reprises lors de ses voyages au Québec. La carte inclut le colonie de 1600 Chauvin. Champlain's map of Canada 1605? Tadoussac is here La carte de Champlain du Canada de 1605 Tadoussac est ici Tadoussac Harbour Sounds - Patrick O'Neill 00:00 / 00:00 Turn on SOUND on your computer Sounds from Patrick O'Neill Activer le son sur votre ordinateur Les sons de Patrick O'Neill Champlain's map of Canada 1612? Tadoussac is here La carte de Champlain du Canada de 1612 Tadoussac est ici 1628 English under David Kirke in Tadoussac Bay by GA Cuthbertson 1628 Anglais sous David Kirke dans la baie de Tadoussac par GA Cuthbertson Champlain's map of Canada 1632? Tadoussac is here La carte de Champlain du Canada de 1632 Tadoussac est ici Huguenot Trader leaving the Saguenay by GA Cuthbertson Huguenot Trader quitter le Saguenay par GA Cuthbertson !!! In another dimension... CANADA ou NOUVELLE FRANCE south of the Great Lakes and MER DE CANADA !!! Dans une autre dimension ... CANADA ou NOUVELLE FRANCE au sud des Grands Lacs et MER DE CANADA Course map of the Saguenay River as told by les sauvages PITCHITAOUICHETZ Maps and Plans of the Navy 1744 by N. Bellin, Inginieur Navy Carte du Cours de la Riviere Saguenay appellee par les sauvages PITCHITAOUICHETZ Dressee sur les manuscrits du Depost des Cartes, et Plans de la Marine 1744 par N. Bellin, Inginieur de la Marine Montagnais at Pointe Bleue, Lac St Jean This drawing must be very old, showing Montagnais teepees on the plateau where Dufferin House now stands, and the small church and the Hudson's Bay Post in the background. The hotel is not built, maybe 1840. Ce dessin doit être très ancienne, montrant des tipis Montagnais sur le plateau où Dufferin House est maintenant, et la petite église et la Hudson's Bay Post sur le fond. L'hôtel n'est pas construit, peut-être 1840. Montagnais on Indian Rock Montagnais on Pointe d'Islet Hudson's Bay Post in Tadoussac mid 1800's? Montagnais in Murray Bay Merci/Thanks to L. Gagnon & Benny Beattie for maps This painting by Cornelius Krieghoff shows Colonel William Rhodes putting on his snowshoes Somewhere in Quebec Circa 1860 Cette peinture de Cornelius Krieghoff montre Colonel William Rhodes mettant ses raquettes à neige Quelque part au Québec circa 1860 Painting "Calm on the Saguenay" by C J Hay (collection Alan&Jane Evans) at Anse de Roche two natives sneaking up on some ducks - at left, Alan re-enacting behind the same rock, 2014. Peinture "Calm on the Saguenay" par CJ Hay (collection Alan et Jane Evans) à Anse de Roche deux indigènes se faufiler sur des canards - à gauche, Alan rejouant derrière la même roche, 2014. Painting "Squall on the Saguenay" by C J Hay Painting of Pointe Rouge by C J Hay Fishnet off Indian Rock, Pointe Rouge across the bay Filet de pêche près de Indian Rock, Pointe Rouge à travers la baie Late 1860's. Where does this road go? 1860's. Où est-ce que cette route mène? Tadoussac in 1860's by Washington Friend (1820-1866) from the collection of Lewis and Cathy Evans showing the original Brynhyfryd (Rhodes cottage) with the hotel and Hudson's Bay post in the background Tadoussac en 1860 par Washington Friend (1820-1866) de la collection de Lewis et Cathy Evans montrant Brynhyfryd (Rhodes cottage) avec l'hôtel et le Poste de la Baie d'Hudson dans le fond "Rocks on the Saguenay" by Washington Friend (1820-1866) 1865 Tadoussac by Edwin Whitefield from the collection of Michael and Judy Alexander Cid's Store by Tom Roberts 1969 Mosaic in tile and seaglass by Tom Evans 2007 Mosaïque dans carreaux et verre de mer Tom Evans 2007 2009 NEXT PAGE 38

  • Evans to Fitzmaurice | tidesoftadoussac1

    Evans to Fitzmaurice, Wikipedia, and a visit to the family ruins in Ireland! Warning - Contains obscure details of ancestors that may not even be yours NEXT PAGE This starts with someone we know, Thomas Frye Lewis Evans, the Dean, who was born in 1846 and came to Tadoussac to be our Protestant Minister from the 1890's until his death in 1919. He married twice, May Bethune (> Trevor Evans m Dorothy Rhodes > Phoebe Evans Skutezky & Ainslie Evans Stephen & Trevor Evans & Tim Evans> and then he married Emily Evans (> R Lewis Evans m Betty Morewood > Anne, Lewis, Tom, Alan Evans). circa 1902 Lewis and Maye Evans with unknown girl sons Basil and Trevor 23, daughters Ruby and Muriel ​ circa 1918 back Basil, Lewis, Trevor, and R Lewis (7) front Emily, Kae, Miles Hudspeth, Muriel Dean Lewis Evans' father was Francis Evans, born in 1803 in Ireland in the house shown here, which still exists. >>>>> Francis Evans came to Canada in about 1830 with his wife Maria Lewis, and had a parish in southern Ontario, near Simcoe. The Evans family came to Ireland from England in about 1600 (Robert Evans). Following a different line, I found other much older Irish ancestors. William Fitzmaurice 1633-1697 was the Baron of Kerry in Ireland, my 6-great grandfather (you have about 250 6-great grandparents) and he had a house that is now a very cool RUIN. Keep going, you're coming to the good part... So we're probably descended from all those Barons of Kerry through the FEMALE line All Daughters C Fitzmaurice Margery Cox Mary Gabbett Mary-Anne Thomas married Nicholas EVANS (Minor detail you can skip>> Unfortunately we jump out of the line just as they made it to EARL, Thomas Fitzmaurice in 1723 (he'd be my 5-great uncle). The Earls of Kerry seem to have moved back to England and have a pile in Wiltshire. Some have been british politicians including Lord Lansdowne who was GG of Canada 1883-1888 (a cousin!). Anyway in Wiki there's tons of stuff about all the Earls The HOUSE, now a RUIN is in LIXNAW, Kerry, near Tralee, Ireland. As it says here they lived in this house for 500 years until it FELL INTO RUIN 1700's House Gazebo So I went there (June 2015). It's a very cool site, some curious cows and a few electric fences! In need of repairs. The Interior - the Living Room? Probably the Stairs Out in the back, a cute Gazebo, with a strange tunnel underneath. There were badger holes nearby so I didn't go in... The Family Tree? NEXT PAGE

  • James Rhodes | tidesoftadoussac1

    PREVIOUS Captain James Rhodes 1819-1901 brother of Col William Rhodes NEXT PAGE James Rhodes (uncle Jimmie) was Col William Rhodes's older brother. He was born in Bramhope, Otley, York, England He came and lived in Canada with his brother at times, and summered in Tadoussac. As the oldest male he inherited from his parents, and it looks like he enjoyed his visits to Quebec. James Rhodes (Oncle Jimmie) était le frère aîné du colonel William Rhodes. Il est né à Bramhope, Otley, York, Angleterre Il est venu et a vécu au Canada avec son frère à certains moments, et ses étés à Tadoussac. Comme l'mâle le plus âgé, il a hérité de ses parents, et il semble qu'il jouissait ses visites à Québec. This portrait of James Rhodes was taken by William Notman in 1871, he would be 52 years old. Some photos in my website have come from the McCord Museum Ce portrait de James Rhodes à 52 ans a été prise par William Notman en 1871. Quelques photos de mon site viennent de le Musée McCord Circa 1885, Col. William Rhodes sharing a drink with his brother Jimmie Circa 1885, Le Colonel William Rhodes partager une bouteille avec son frère Jimmie Circa 1890, with his great-nephew Charlie Rhodes on the gallery at Benmore, Sillery, Quebec (check out the toy) Circa 1890, avec son petit-neveu Charlie Rhodes sur la galerie à Benmore, Sillery, Quebec Census of Canada 1891 James 71, "Gentleman", was living in Quebec with his Brother William, described as "Gentleman Farmer". Recensement du Canada de 1891 James 71, "Gentleman", vivait au Québec avec son frère William, décrit comme "Gentleman Farmer". Census of England 1901 James Rhodes at 81, "Retired Army Captain", is living at Oxford Lodge, Ewell Road, Surbiton, southwest of London, with a housekeeper and her children. Recensement de l'Angleterre 1901 James Rhodes à 81, «capitaine de l'armée retraité ", vit à Oxford Lodge, Ewell Road, Surbiton, sud-ouest de Londres, avec une femme de ménage et de ses enfants. Notice of Death 17 August 1901. His effects totalled £11291 6s 7d! Avis de décès 17 Aout 1901 Ses effets ont atteint £ 11,291 6s 7d! NEXT PAGE

  • Flowers | tidesoftadoussac1

    Flowers, butterflies and other small things Blue-Eyed Grass Wild Iris Pink Lady's Slipper Painted Lady Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Atlantis Fritillary Hobomok Skipper Yellow Goatsbeard White Admiral St. Lawrence Tiger Moth

  • Mushrooms | tidesoftadoussac1

    On wet years there and many different mushrooms and toadstools to be found.

  • More Faces of Tadoussac | tidesoftadoussac1

    Été à Tadoussac Summer 1920-1940 Page 7 of 7 Please help! If you have more photos If you have names that I don't have If you have notes I could add If you were there yourself! S'il vous plaît aider! Si vous avez plus de photos Si vous avez des noms que je n'ai pas Si vous avez des notes que je pourrais ajouter Si vous y étiez! NEXT PAGE PREVIOUS (More) Faces of Tadoussac (Plus) Visages de Tadoussac 1922 Lewis Evans with his mother Emily (Bethune) Evans Jim and Jean Alexander with grandparents Nan (Rhodes) Williams and Lennox Williams, and with their mother Gertrude (Williams) Alexander 1925 Jack Wallace, Nan Wallace (Leggat), Jean Alexander (Aylan-Parker), Jim Alexander Grace Scott 1925 Maye Hudspeth, Kae Evans Isobel (Billy) Morewood 1926 Left Ann Stevenson (Dewart) Right Elizabeth Stevenson (O'Neill) 1926 Erie Languedoc in her garden -- Note! -- Stevenson cottage being built in the background Smut the dog, Emily (Bethune) Evans, Kae Evans, the Stevenson sisters, Elizabeth (O'Neill) (note camera), Maggie (Reilley), Ann (Dewart), May Carrington Smith, Nan Gale at Evans camp at Cap a Jack 1924-25 Dorothy (Rhodes) Evans, Trevor Evans, Phoebe Evans (Skutezky), Ainslie Evans (Stephen) 1927-28 with Trevor Evans Jr 1931 Evans family with Alfred Hovington, Kate Von Iffland, and at right Maye Hudspeth 1931 Evans family with Tim Evans (baby) Kate Von Iffland, Muriel Evans (standing), Monica Rhodes, Betty Morewood (Evans) Lennox Williams with his wife Nan (Rhodes) Williams and his son Sydney Williams 1933 Jean and Jim Alexander, Syndey Williams, Gertrude and General Ron Alexander, Percival Tudor-Hart, Jack Wallace seated Mary (Williams) Wallace, Michael Wallace, Catherine Tudor-Hart, Lennox and Nan Williams Jack Wallace, ?, Betty Morewood (Evans), Bill Morewood, Michael Wallace, ?, ?, Phoebe Evans (Skutezky), Ainslie Evans (Stephen), ? Mary (Williams) Wallace Phoebe, Ainslie, Susie Russell, and Trevor Evans 1934 Iso (Price) & Guy & Ann (Van Alystyn) Smith Elizabeth (Stevenson) and Lionel O'Neill Helen Neilson Maggie (Stevenson) Reilley Catherine (Rhodes) and Percival Tudor-Hart Coosie Price The Alexander family, Gertrude (Williams), Jim, Jean, and Gen Ron Alexander Amatuer Theatre in the shed behind the upper Evans house Standing - Jack Wallace, Jim Alexander, Ron Alexander, Jack Wallace Mary Wallace, Nan Williams, Jean Alexander, Nan Wallace, ?, Lennox Williams, Gertrude Alexander Sydney Williams, Jim Williams, Susan Williams (Webster), ?, Joan Williams (Ballantyne), Michael Wallace Barbara Hampson (Alexander/Campbell) 1936 Jack Wallace, Jim and Jean Alexander, Nan Wallace (Leggat), Michael Wallace, Joan, Susan, and Jim Williams 1936 Standing Frank Morewood, Jim & Gertrude Alexander, ?, Sydney Williams Middle Nan Williams, Henry and Helen Price, Lennox Williams, Enid (Price) and Susan Williams Front Nan Wallace, Joan Williams, Mary Wallace, Ron Alexander 1937 Bill Morewood, Ainslie Evans, Billy Morewood, Jean Alexander, Betty Morewood (Evans) ???, Joan and Susan Williams 1937 Betty Morewood (Evans) and her parents Frank Morewood and Carrie (Rhodes) Morewood The first summer for the new cottage Le premier été pour le nouveau chalet Robin Molson, ?, ?, Verity Molson, Joan Williams (Ballantyne) Enid (Price) Williams with her children Jim, Susan, and Joan Williams and cousins Pam and Ann Smith Pam Smith (McCarter) 1937 Prices, Smiths and Williams Nan Wallace, Peggy T., Betty Morewood, Susie Russell, Joan Shaw, Mary Del Robertson, Mary Fowler, Jean Alexander, Jean? Bar Hampson, Helen Davis, Peggie Durnford, Mabel Warburton, Ainslie Evans Mary Hampson (Price), Ted Price, Mary Fowler Nan Wallace (Leggat) Jack Molson, Doris (Carrington Smith) Molson, Arthur Price Susan Williams, Ann Smith, Joan and Sheila Williams, Pam Smith, Jim Williams Bill Stephen Verity Molson, Eve, Ann and Pam Smith 1941 Sheila Williams (Campbell) and Penny Smith (Younger) PREVIOUS NEXT PAGE La FIN de L'été à Tadoussac 1920-1940 Tu l'as fait! Bien joué! 200 Photos Mais pas la fin Continuez ... >>> The END of Summer in Tadoussac 1920-1940 You made it! Well Done! 200 Photos But not the end Keep going...>>>

  • LE MIROIR Articles/Histoires | tidesoftadoussac1

    LE MIROIR Stories/Histoires PREVIOUS NEXT PAGE Le Miroir is published by the Municipality of Tadoussac, and they have asked for some photos and stories that illustrate the fascinating history of Tadoussac. As they come out they will be posted on this page in both languages! ​ ​ Le Miroir est publié par la Municipalité de Tadoussac et a demandé des photos et des histoires qui illustrent l'histoire fascinante de Tadoussac. À leur arrivée, ils seront affichés sur cette page dans les deux langues! UN PETIT PEIGNE CHEZ CID! Text from the book "Tides of Tadoussac" By R Lewis Evans Can you identify the people in this photo? In front of the door, Beth Dewart, Maggie Reilley, Geoff Izard, and at the right end MARIE CID POUVEZ-VOUS NOUS AIDER À IDENTIFIER LES PERSONNES SUR CETTE PHOTOS? À NOTER QUE MARIE CID SE TROUVE À L’EXTRÊME DROITE SUR LA PHOTO. We all know La Boheme in the middle of Tadoussac but some of us remember it fondly as the Marchand General du Pierre Cid. Pierre Cid was a Syrian who immigrated to Canada and settled in Tadoussac and after his death, three of his children, Joe, Marie, and Alexandrine ran the store right into their old age, living in the back of the building. Joe was a delightful man and ran the place. Marie, suffering from Parkinson's Disease, was small and shook constantly, but she was lovely to everyone, knew the price of everything in the store and could add in the tax in seconds. Alexandrine was quite the opposite. Not a believer in the idea that “the customer is always right,” she did not suffer fools gladly. Back in the days that the Canada Steamship Lines owned the Hotel Tadoussac the President of CSL came to stay at the hotel. The hotel staff were terrified. Criticism from the great man could cost them their jobs and they worked very hard to make sure everything was perfect. During his stay he decided to go play golf, and on his way there stopped his flashy big Cadillac outside the Marchand General. In he proudly walked in his canary yellow golfing outfit like a little Napoleon, looked at Alexandrine sternly, and said, “Je veux une peigne.” She made some grunt that sounded like a seal, shuffled off in her bedroom slippers into the gloom at the back of the store and returned with a used ice-cream bucket full of combs. He looked through them and said, “They're not very big, are they?” She looked him in the eye and replied in a voice that could be heard throughout the store, “Big enough for you. You don't have much hair anyway!” Tout le monde connait Le Café Bohème situé au coeur de Tadoussac, mais certains d’entre- nous s’en rappellent encore comme du Marchand Général Pierre Cid. Pierre Cid était un Syrien ayant immigré au Canada et qui s’était établi à Tadoussac. Après sa mort, trois de ses enfants, Joe, Marie et Alexandrine, ont pris la relève de la petite entreprise familiale jusqu’à leurs vieux jours, vivant dans la partie arrière du bâtiment. Joe était un homme charmant et était celui en charge du magasin. Marie, atteinte de la maladie de Parkinson, était petite et souffrait de tremblements constants. Elle était aimable avec tout le monde, connaissait les prix de tout ce qui se vendait en magasin et pouvait faire le calcul des taxes en quelques secondes seulement. Alexandrine était tout le contraire. N’adhérant pas à l’adage populaire voulant que le client aie toujours raison, elle n’avait que faire des imbéciles. Du temps où la Canada Steamship Lines était propriétaire de l’Hôtel Tadoussac, le président de la compagnie vint résider à l’Hôtel. Le personnel en était terrifié. Une mauvaise critique du grand patron pourrait leur coûter leur emploi et ils travaillèrent donc très fort afin de s’assurer que tout soit parfait. Lors de son séjour, monsieur le Président décida d’aller jouer au golf et en route, arrêta sa rutilante Cadillac devant le Marchand Général. Vêtu d’un habit de golf jaune canari, il entra dans le magasin d’un pas fier tel un petit Napoléon, adressa un regard sévère à Alexandrine et dit: « Je veux un peigne! ». Elle émit un petit grognement semblable à celui d’un phoque, trottina, pantoufles aux pieds, dans la pénombre de l’arrière-boutique et revint quelques instants plus tard avec un vieux pot de crème glacée rempli de peignes. Le Président y jeta un oeil et dit: «Ils ne sont pas très gros vos peignes.» Alexandrine le regarda droit dans les yeux et lui répondit d’une voix suffisamment forte pour être entendue à travers tout le magasin : «Ils sont bien assez gros pour vous. De toute façon, ce n’est pas comme si vous aviez beaucoup de cheveux !» ​ Pierre Cid?