Carington Smith, Charles & Aileen


Charles Carington Smith 1867-1952

Charles was the third son of Robert Herbert Smith and Amelia Jane LeMesurier Smith of Quebec City. He was educated at Upper Canada College. His banking career began with the Toronto branch of The Quebec Bank. He won many awards in the 1890’s for rowing and canoeing.
In the early 1900s he moved to Quebec, continuing his career with The Quebec Bank, and was a member of the Quebec Bank hockey team that won the bank hockey championships in Montreal in 1900.
In 1901 he married Aileen Dawson. They had 4 children, Doris Amelia, George Noel, Herbert, and May. The family moved to Montmorency Falls where he lived for the rest of his working career, which continued with the Royal Bank of Canada after their take-over of the Quebec Bank in 1917.
After retirement he lived for the remainder of his life at Kingston, Ontario, from where annual summer visits to Tadoussac were much enjoyed.

Aileen Dawson Smith 1874 – 1959

Aileen was the daughter of Col. George Dudley Dawson and his wife of County Carlow, Ireland and born in Toronto, Canada. In 1901 she married Charles Carington Smith. They had 4 children: Doris Amelia Carington Smith born in 1902, George Noel Carington Smith, born in 1904, Herbert Carington Smith, born in 1906 and May, born in 1908. Aileen and her husband lived in Montmorency Falls and Kingston, Ontario where she died. Her daughter Doris married Jack Molson and their Molson descendants (John Molson and his family) continue to summer in Tadoussac.

Eve Wickwire

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